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User Groups

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Process view (Kanban)

Your selection process, in a single view The Process view allows you to manage, review and contact incoming candidates. This view is a Ka...
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Create user groups

Groups are work teams that you can create to assign (and differentiate) access to the different selection processes among the users of your company.
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Jobs dashboard

When you log in to Get on Board and you already have processes created, you will immediately access the dashboard view, where, ...
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User roles

In Get on Board, users can have multiple roles, and there is no limit to the number of users or administra...
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Invite users to your company account

On Get on Board there is no limit to the number of users of your company that can access the platform.
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What is Get on Board?

Get on Board is a hunting and recruiting platform (Applicant Tracking System or ATS ) specialized in t...
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