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Find answers to your most frequent questions when recruiting and applying to jobs using Get on Board.
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How can I re-launch a selection process?

How can I create message templates to use in my selection processes?

How do I see the status of the invitations I sent through Talent Database?

How can the person I invited to apply for my job contact me?

How to create a good job posting?

How can I ensure that the right candidates apply for my job?

How can I notify applicants when they have been discarded from the screening process?

Who can see the private notes?

What happens if I relaunch a process?

What are criteria weights in scorecards?

How do I assign scorecards to a job ad?

What are scorecards?

How are scorecards made?

Can applicants see the information I enter in the Notes?

How are the salary ranges required to post a job calculated?

When I create a selection process, how much detail should I include in the job description?

Why is it so important to contact the professionals directly on Get on Board?

What does it mean to refresh the date of my jobs?

Are jobs posted automatically, or do they go through a review process?

Can I send messages to all applicants at once?

If I'm a recruiting or outsourcing company, should I identify my client's company?

Can I have access to the information of the candidates for free?

Why was my ad rejected?

Can I modify the tags of a publication?

Can I reopen an existing process?

What happens if I don't check my job ad after I post it?

Can I invite a professional to apply for my job ad?

How does the Get on Board matching algorithm work to find tech talent?

What is the difference between closing and unpublishing a process?

How long does it take for a job to be published once it is submitted for review?

What does 'unlock' a job mean?

What happens when a selection process is closed?

What is the difference between "interested" and "applicants" in my selection process?

Can I publish a job ad confidentially?

If I unlock a selection process, how many times can I refresh the date?

If I forgot to close an old process on the platform, is it mandatory to close it and notify the applicants that they have been discarded?

Must the salary offered be public or can it be confidential?

What is the difference between re-launching and re-opening a process?