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Find answers to your most frequent questions when recruiting and applying to jobs using Get on Board.
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Job Posting

Why can't I reopen my job ad?

Why can't I refresh the date of my job?

How long does it take for applicants to apply when I post my job?

Why can't I offer a wider salary range?

Can I use my subscription to unlock an existing job?

How can I re-launch a selection process?

How to create a good job posting?

What happens if I relaunch a process?

What does it mean to refresh the date of my jobs?

When I create a selection process, how much detail should I include in the job description?

How are the salary ranges required to post a job calculated?

If I unlock a selection process, how many times can I refresh the date?

Can I publish a job ad confidentially?

Must the salary offered be public or can it be confidential?

If I'm a recruiting or outsourcing company, should I identify my client's company?

Can I modify the URL of my ad?

What are the requirements for publishing on Get On Board?

Can I modify the tags of a publication?

How long does it take for a job to be published once it is submitted for review?

What is the difference between re-launching and re-opening a process?

What is the difference between closing and unpublishing a process?

What happens if I don't check my job ad after I post it?

How many times can I update the date of an ad if I acquire Boost?